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How it works...

If you book a party with us we will arrive between the night before up until one hour before your party dependant on weather, availability and your preference.

To host your bell tent party your venue will need a footprint of 7m diameter for a 5m tent or 6m diameter for a 4m tent. Your party can still take place in rainy conditions as all our tents are fully waterproof.

When you make your booking please have an idea of:

  • the package you require
  • date/time/venue
  • number and average age of children
  • party theme (if booking an organised event)
  • list of chosen activities
  • any special extras or requirements
Then sit back and let them enjoy the adventure!

Welcome to the Bell Tent Party

“A bell tent adventure is a great way of hosting a party at home but in a very unique setting...”

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